Fans of the Divergent series will be getting very excited as the release date approaches. The movie will hit Irish cinemas on April 4th and stars Shailene Woodley as protagonist Tris and Theo James as the dreamy Four.

But how does author Veronica Roth feel her pride and joy has translated onto the big screen? Well, she took to her Tumblr account and shared her opinions on the movie adaptation of Divergent.

Speaking first about the surreality of seeing her book as a movie, Veronica said: “I packed up a suitcase and flew to LA and bought some Milk Duds and watched the Divergent movie. You know. As one does. (?!!!)”

Veronica went on to think back to her days of writing the book: “I would flash back to this image of myself in pajama pants with gross hair typing away on my computer, and then juxtapose it over the gorgeous shots of the Sears Tower or Navy Pier … it was so ridiculously awesome and surreal I just wanted to laugh and cry all at once.”

In relation to how her characters were presented by Shailene and Theo, Veronica gushed: “Shailene Woodley as Tris and Theo James as Four are everything I hoped for (or maybe more than I dared to hope for).”

So, in a nutshell, Veronica was really pleased with the movie and said: “I loved it. I was completely absorbed by it.”

Yay, this makes us extra excited to see it in April!