Have you ever noticed when you go to the hairdressers, your stylist seems to be rummaging through an endless drawer of hairbrushes? 

Well, as it turns out there's actually a pretty good reason for it. Hair stylist, Ally Myette, spoke to Women's Health about the various uses of different brushes.

“Not all brushes are created equal, and they do totally different things for the hair," said Ally.

“There are so many different hair textures and styles, that when creating a specific look, choosing the appropriate brush is key to achieving the desired end result.”

So, since we're not all hair stylists and most of us can't tell our paddle brushes from our vent brushes, here's a handy guide on what type is right for your hair:

Paddle brush

Think of the paddle brush as the holy grail of brushes. It's great for all types of hair, especially those with longer or thick hair and it's also THE BEST for fighting knots. 

Essentially it's a wide, flat brush that most often has plastic bristles covering its round edges. 


Vent brush

The vent brush is very similar to the paddle brush. It can seriously cut down drying time because the bristles and shape help to reach hair at every angle. 

And if you’re a curly girl who prefers a straight, smoother texture, this can help you achieve that look. 

“Thanks to its metal base, the brush heats up a lot faster, which gives you greater control of hair flow and texture,” says Ally.


Small round brush

If you're rocking a short do' like Kylie Jenner, then this brush will become your BFF as it smoothes out your locks and rounds off the edges. 

It can be found in three different styles; boar bristle, metal or plastic. But no matter what your round brush is made of, the shorter your hair, the smaller the brush should be. 


Large round brush

Naturally very similar to its smaller counterpart, the large round brush can create larger waves and handle greater amounts of hair.

Despite its monster size, it will catch all your hair and give it the perfect amount of volume. 


Smoothing brush

A smoothing brush is best used to achieve a straight and silky look – so stay away if you have curly hair as it will totally frizz. 

This brush has strong bristle, which makes it perfect for shoulder-length or long hair. It's also great if you want to create a glam updo as it can hold everything together.