The day of 'I'm just lucky to have a job' is gone – hard working, well educated young people deserve respect when entering the work force. 

One thing that employers ALWAYS get away with is the 'unpaid internship' – sorry but on what planet can a person afford to work full time, for NO MONEY? 

This rant is coming from someone who knows all too well what life is like as an unpaid intern. 

I have done three internships in total – one in Ireland and two abroad. The Irish one? I got 50 quid a week to cover travel. 

I worked 9-5 (although, sometimes I worked MUCH later), Monday to Friday, and did the job of a person who should have been on a starting salary. 

Instead, I had to sponge off my parents, take out a loan and cease to have a social life for the best part of 4 months. 

What did I learn? 

To be honest, I took a massive life lesson with me when I left the internship – know your worth, and stick to it! 

I still remember how grateful I felt when I got the offer of my internship. So thankful to have a 'job'.

When you look up the word job in the dictionary, it is described as: 'A paid position of regular employment.'

Emphasis on the word paid please. 

'I get to pursue my dreams in an amazing company.' But, for no money, no benefits and

Nobody should have to work for free, and I cannot believe that companies are getting away with it. 

And yet, despite being unpaid, I worked harder than I ever have – with a determination to impress someone, in the hope of being offered a job at the end of my internship. 

That rarely happens by the way, but they kind of lead me on – like a mean boy who you fancy, but you shouldn't. 

They told me I was doing a great job, which only spurred me on more, resulting in me bringing work home at the weekend, working late and all that fun stuff.


'Life isn't always about money' I hear you say. 

I hate to bloody break it to you lads, but yes, yes it is. To be in your early twenties, working your butt off for nothing is a serious blow to your confidence. 

Self worth is something that employers need to get on board with. You cannot expect your staff to be happy working for nothing, even if they're 'just an intern'. 

I ultimately left the internship early, because I eventually copped on that I was being taken for a total ride. I did a little stint in London, and returned to the company I'm in now. 

Who actually pay me.