Ruby Rose is NOT a happy camper.

Fans of the Orange Is The New Black star may have been excited to see Ms Rose on the cover of The Untitled Magazine's latest issue. 

But before you run to buy the publication, you may want to hear what Ruby has to say about the photos. 

"I am pro ‘free the nipple' so when I was tagged in this photo by fans I wasn't sure where it came from but I assumed a BTS from a friends shoot or one where we had approved slightly transparency in an image"

"Imagine my shock to find that @theuntitledmagazine decided to publish images of me after we explained we wouldn't be doing the shoot if I wasn't appropriately covered."

The actress addressed the problem on her Instagram account with this picture attached. 

She continued, "The difference with working with a friend and or choosing to use nudity for art/and someone taking the piss and exploiting you is two different things."

Ruby went on to say the photos were eight months old.

In response to her claims, the magazine tweeted directly at Ruby herself.

"@RubyRose One of the most important issues today is #equality," they tweeted. "We would never publish unapproved photos. We do not believe in exploitation!"

But that didn't stop the 29-year-old asking fans to avoid purchasing the issue. 

"Please if you are a fan of mine boycott this issue. Or you are buying into greedy, exploitative propaganda." 

"I have plenty of other shoots I'm proud of with professionals coming up its not needed in your collection."