Ah, we all know the deal. You're dying for a coffee, but the queue is so damn long.

It's frustrating, yes, but we don't think we'd become so impatient that we'd resort to THIS.

Two Canadian men have created a bracelet that lets caffeine seep into your skin. *Squirm*

"The Joule Caffeine Bracelet is a bracelet with a slot for you to snap on a transdermal caffeine patch," states the crowd funder site.

"These patches work in a similar fashion to a nicotine patch or other transdermal medication patches. The caffeine is administered gradually for a steady supply of caffeine and energy without any of the typical energy crashes, jitters or other negative effects of consuming your caffeine through beverages.”

This might sound (very) odd but caffeine is a catechin which means it's fat-soluble and small, which makes it easy to go in through the skin. 

As good and scientific as this might sound, we're good with our latte. We're just going to have to put up with waiting in line.