As we all know, life as a teenager is far from easy and when you sometimes struggle to distinguish between a friend and a frenemy, school can become totally agonising.

Acknowledging this all-too-common pitfall in teen relationships, Wimbledon High School in the UK has hired a consultant to discuss 'failing friendships' with their pupils aged between 13 and 15-years-old.

Commenting on the intensity of teenage friendships, the principal, Jane Lunnon, said: "Of course they want to do well in exams and playing musical instruments but the thing that often is the big driver in years eight and nine are their friendships."

As the head of the school, Ms Lunnon is very aware the impact a failing friendship can have on a student's academic life.

"We recognise that what you teach them about failure in academics is also relevant to the way they manage their social relationships. They are learning there will be disappointments as part of friendships and that’s okay."

By offering teenage girls an insight into the pitfalls which can occur among friendship groups, Wimbledon High School feel they are providing their pupils with adequate armour to navigate secondary school life.

"We found that it really helps them keep things in perspective and breaks down toxic cliquey gangs. They learn not to berate themselves or say something is irreconcilable," Ms Lunnon continued.

The school recently held a 'fail better' week which sought to show students how to learn from their mistakes without fearing future failure.