Olympian Tom Daley has just revealed his new partnership with SeaWorld – heralding the deal by stripping off and painting his body… as a shark. 

But the stunt has proved divisive – with the 21-year-old receiving a backlash on social media for the initiative.

Due to the organisation's controversial use of captive marine mammals in shows and stunts, many feel the parks are cruel.


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One particular fan showed their disgust in response, telling Tom: "Really disappointed that you're promoting SeaWorld. Watch Blackfish. #emptythetanks"

Another said: "Any celeb still associating themselves SeaWorld goes down in my estimation." And a third asked: "Why the f-ing F is Tom Daley promoting Seaworld? Who is advising him on this s***?"

Killer whales, dolphins and sharks are all kept in tanks and pools by the parks.

PETA has also spoken out against the Olympic medallist's campaign saying: "SeaWorld confines social and self-aware animals to tiny pools with chemically treated water where they are forced to perform silly tricks.

“If the company were a true conservation organisation, it would have already released these animals to appropriate sanctuaries.

"We commend Tom's desire to save sharks and will be in touch with him to urge him to support conservation efforts that actually help protect fish instead of corporations that exploit animals for profit.”

Shark Week is a hugely popular drive in America and runs from the August 2 to 8. The purpose of the week is to change peoples conceptions of sharks and show the world that they play a vital role in the health of the ecosystem.