Just when you thing it can't get worse, women are hit with yet another unrealistic body goal.

The latest craze? The toblerone tunnel.

Yeah, initially I hadn't a breeze what it was, but after a bit of research, discoveries were made. 

This so-called tunnel refers to the little triangle of space between someone's upper thigh area.

You get it though right? The theory is that you could fit a Toblerone through the gap.

Honestly, I'm more likely to shovel a Toblerone into my gob, but hey. 

Instagram is overflowing with celebs such as Cara De La Hoyde, Emily Ratajkowski and Holly Hagan all posting on their feeds with their Toblerone Tunnel on show.

For some reason, I'm particularly annoyed by this trend… if you'd even call it a trend. 

From thigh gaps and 6 packs to massive lips and thigh brows, it feels like every few weeks there's something new and unrealistic to achieve. 

And listen, if you have one of these things naturally, fair play to you, but I BEG you all not to go seeking these goals. 

This new trend has received quite a bit of negative attention on Twitter, with loads of people outraged.



I'm actually not even sure you can diet and exercise your way to a Toblerone tunnel, so just don't try. 

You're gorge the way you are, I promise.