One of the many celebs tweeting yesterday about Pope Francis's arrival to the US was Kim Kardashian, and while she had nothing bad to say, her well wishes got VERY lost in translation.

Showing she's still a God-fearing Christian, the reality star was sure to welcome the Pope to America with a short message reading, "The Pope is Dope."

The #popeisdope hashtag had already been doing the rounds on Twitter yesterday, but one South American publication picked up on Kim's tweet and got the wrong end of the stick entirely.

An angry op-ed published online by Argentinan news site Primicias Ya took serious issue with the tweet, asking "Did Kim Kardashian attack the Pope?"

Most would take the meaning of "dope" in that context to mean something positive, but it seems Primicias Ya's writer was relying only on Google Translate and a shaky knowledge of American English slang.

Their direct translation for the tweet was "El Papa es droga," or "The Pope is drugs." Oops.

"What could Kim be referring to? Without a doubt, this couldn’t be positive," the article finishes. "How do you interpret her message?”

Luckily, a quick flick through the comments reveals that quite a few people in Argentina are aware of the OTHER meaning of dope, so we're sure Kim won't be Public Enemy Number 1 for long.