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Weeks before Kanye West released his latest album, we were inundated with tweets from the rapper, who was constantly changing the name of his album.

It went from Wolves, to SWISH to Waves in only a matter of days.

So, that's why we were super surprised to hear that, FOUR months later, Kanye has gone and changed the name of his album, The Life of Pablo, yet again.

Ladies, say hello to the new name, Saint Pablo.

Yep, eagle-eyed fans of Kanye noticed that the name of the album has changed on his streaming service, Tidal. But, maybe we really shouldn't be that surprised. He did warn us after all.

"In the months to come, Kanye will release new updates, new versions, and new iterations of the album," Def Jam said in a statement earlier this year.

He also announced that he's going on tour in a very… erm, up-straight tweet:

Ah, Kanye. Never change. 


Last week, Kanye tweeted that you can listen to his full album over on his website, and with that came a full credits list.

It was the who's who of the people that took part in making the album, but there were two unforeseen names on the list.

Yep, Kanye included his new son and daughter as 'creative consultants', and to be honest, we're not surprised.

A little confused, yes, but not surprised since Kanye is going all-out mental at the moment.

Good to know a two-month-old baby already has something to add to his CV, though. Sound, Kanye.