One Geordie Shore star is taking on a slightly different role in the coming months.

25-year old Garry ‘Gaz’ Beadle is set to join The Dreamboys for 10 performances. The Dreamboys are in fact a group of male strippers.

Newcastle-born Gaz has said that he is lucky that his current girlfriend, Lillie Lexi, 25, “doesn’t mind” that he will be on stage taking all his clothes off for the groups' many female fans.


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According to Gary, she knows that it is “all fun and games”. Gary, who previously dated co-star Charlotte Crosby also spoke to the Daily Mail about his fitness regime in the run up to his on stage debut.

He says he works out for just under a half an hour each day to keep his physique audience-ready. Impressive. Gary said that he is lucky that Lillie is so supportive of his latest venture:

“I think she was impressed with how good the show actually is that the boys are all great dancers and how well put together and professional it is.”

Gary said that while at first he found his new cast mates intimidating, he has settled into the routine, and is definitely proud of his new dancing skills. He did admit that he is “bricking it” for the Newcastle show though, which will see him perform in front of his home crowd.

The former Ex On The Beach star has said that it wasn’t the stripping that phased him, it was being on stage that made him anxious.

“On Geordie Shore I don’t know how many people are watching it… At The Dreamboys I can see the audience. It’s one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.”

Another thing he found quite scary: the Dreamboy physique.


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“Before a show I normally go to the gym twice the day before and then the morning of just because the other boys are in such good shape- it’s scary.”

Gary said that while he does still love to party he has had to cut out his former boozy lifestyle to stay in shape. He has admitting to using some cosmetics to help look his very best though.

“My only routine is baby oil… baby oil helps you to look ripped,” he confesses.