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You know that lurching feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when your friends tell you they've decided to get hitched?

It's not because you're jealous or think they're wrong for each other – you just know your bank account is gonna take a serious hit.

Although you look forward to getting involved in their big day, cutting corners to save money on your outfit, hair, make up and travel arrangements are a must.

That's why if this bride was our friend, we wouldn't be friends anymore.

She has taken the phrase bridezilla to the next level…and we just can't even.

The dress code alone would get the ultimate unfriend and block from us as it's hideous, insulting AND pricey AF.

The demands are so outrageous that the screenshot of the Facebook post has gone viral – so buckle up, because it's gonna piss you off.

It starts with: "The dress code is very specific because it will be used to create an incredible visual effect."

The guests have been given a measly year and a half to meet her outfit requirements for her big Hawaii wedding, and "if done right it will make our synchronised dancing along the beach really pop".

That's all grand, until she gave TWO outfit choices based on her guests' weight…speechless.

Credit: Facebook

The ladies who are 11ish stone or under, they need to source a green velvet sweater, orange suede pants, Louboutin heels and a Burberry scarf.

For your visual pleasure we are recreated the requirements and honestly, the outfit is vile – you might as well burn your money now.

And for those who are lucky enough to be over that size, they get all black trousers, jumpers and shoes.

To be honest, if I was under 11 stone, I'd see the year and a half as an opportunity to gain the needed weight to fit into the black outfit group.

Male guests were also hit with the outfit requirements, those under 14 stone need to wear a purple fuzzy jackets, soda hats, all white trainers and plain glow sticks.

For those who tip the scales over that weight, they must wear head-to-toe in camouflage with black trainers – terrifying.

Oh and don't think you can escape the wedding outfit horrors by going cheap, the future bride stated there was a minimum spend requirement on your hideous ensemble.

"Please, if you look like trash, so will we. All jokes aside, we want you to invest in an outfit valued at at least $1,000. This includes jewellery, accessories, makeup and hair. Remember ladies and gents, this wedding is 24k themed for a reason," she wrote.

She finished the post by saying: "You have a year and a half to get working. No excuses! Mwah."

It's safe to say that we imagine that this wedding will receive a sh*t tonne of cancellations.

And honestly, we don't blame them.

I'd just go on the holiday to Hawaii and spend the grand on having a deadly time instead of buying a terrible outfit.



1. The first hour in the club is the worst because you have to dance sober.

17 Moments All Bad Dancers Recognize

Which means you are still highly aware of every move you make.

2. A cute person comes to dance with you and you don’t know what to do.

17 Moments All Bad Dancers Recognize

Can’t we just make out already?

3. You copy the dance moves of the person next to you.

17 Moments All Bad Dancers Recognize

4. You only have one move and you stick to it no matter what kind of music is on.


5. Then they play a popular song and your friends are killing it on the dancefloor, making it more obvious that you are not.

17 Moments All Bad Dancers Recognize

6. The DJ suddenly changes the music just when you had a dance figured out.


7. A song comes up that has a standard dance to it, and you are so grateful.


8. When your friends give you advice on how to dance in the middle of the club.

17 Moments All Bad Dancers Recognize

So everybody can see that you are an idiot.

9. When you have no sense of rhythm. None.

17 Moments All Bad Dancers Recognize

10. When you confirm all stereotypes.

17 Moments All Bad Dancers Recognize

11. When there is a new dance hype but you just can’t make your body do it.

17 Moments All Bad Dancers Recognize

12. Same goes for workouts that involve dancing.


13. Whenever there is a mirror involved you have to stop dancing because it is too painful to watch.

17 Moments All Bad Dancers Recognize

14. When it’s quiet on the dancefloor and you feel like everybody is watching you.

17 Moments All Bad Dancers Recognize

15. But then the drinks kick in and you start to feel the rhythm…

17 Moments All Bad Dancers Recognize

16. And suddenly you are one of the best dancers you ever met.

17 Moments All Bad Dancers Recognize

So naturally you’re gonna dance on tables and act like a hip-hop star.

17. Until the next day, when your friends are still laughing at you.

17 Moments All Bad Dancers Recognize
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