Finally! Some sound advice that gives us loads of reasons to get back into bed and snuggle up under the duvet.

Between work, school and college, most of us unfortunately don’t have the time to pop home during the day to take a comfortable nap. And besides, even if we did the chances are there would be SOMEONE nearby telling us to get out of bed.

But a daytime nap doesn’t need to be hours long. In fact, naps from as little as 15 minutes can help in a big way.

Here are five different napping durations and the benefits of each one.

15 to 20 minutes

These great little power naps work wonders for boosting your alertness and concentration. So if you feel your eyelids getting heavy in the middle of studying or a work day, it may be a good idea to sneak off somewhere for 15 minutes and you’ll be raring to go by the time you get back.

30 minutes

A half an hour snooze can counteract the negative effects that we suffer after a bad night’s sleep.

45 minutes

Sleeping for those extra few minutes can actually help to improve your memory and lower blood pressure.

60 minutes

An hour’s shut eye can improve your working memory and will allow you to be as energetic for the second half of your day as you were for the first – great if you have an hour to spare between work and going out to an event.

90 minutes

Of course the problem here is actually finding the time. But if you can, an hour and a half of sleep during the day can help to restore energy and relax your muscles.