1. Heartbreak High
This was like Home & Away for those whose parents wouldn't allow you to watch Home & Away – and Ada Nicmondeau was in it!


2. California Dreams
Now this one is sooo underrated, this show brought us from Mullingar to California in one intro…


3. Girls in Love
Short lived but it really opened are eyes to boys before we started our teen years.


4. Custer's Last Stand-Up
Back before George McMahon became Mondo and headed to Carrigstown, he was Custer and he did stand-up. 


5. Sweet Valley High
We didn't just watch the TV show – we also read ALL of the books (seriously, there's about fifty). 


6. Alex Mack
Alex Mack was like Sabrina's less popular but equally as magic little sister. 


7. Round The Twist
Remember the episode with the spaghetti-eating competition? Gross. 


8. Are you Afraid of the Dark?
The show that made us sleep outside our parents' bedroom door for days when we were 12. 


9. Taina
She never did get to see her name in lights did she? Poor Taina. 


10. Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place
The show that first introduced us to the beeeeautiful Ryan Reynolds