Everyday we come across little struggles in life that would be WAY easier to manage if we had superpowers. 

Unfortunately for us, we don't live in a comic book or superhero movie – so the odds of us attracting superpowers are zero. 

BUT if we could, these are the powers we would love to possess. 

Superhuman strength

We've all been there, that moment you want to be a kick-ass independent woman… but you just can't lift that heavy box. All those hours in the gym for nothing. 



The amount of conversations you could overhear! And you could totally do your work a lot quicker without anyone bothering you… that's if you're not too busy being nosey.



Goodbye morning rush hour traffic! Plus if you need some chill time, who's going to bother you on a cloud?!



With this gift you could undo every embarrassing drunken moment… or relive them, the choice is up to you!



This could mean no more time wasted on wondering if that cute guy likes you. If you could read his thoughts, you could find out whether to make a move or just move on.