Mobile phones are tricky business (especially for clumsy people). My phone currently has a smashed screen, dints on the side and a temperamental camera – the result of many drops and falls.

It happens to the best of us, but when your phone is brand spankin' new, it feels like a little bit of your heart drops as you see the screen smash on the ground.

However, we may not have to ever have that sinking feeling again as MegaTinyCorp has just created 'The Anti-Gravity Case'.

The nano-suction technology (imagine millions of tiny suction cups) on the case means it can stick to mirrors, glass, metal, kitchen presses, tiles, car dashboards and more.

Not only will this case save you from scratches and dreaded falls, it's also great for taking selfies, streaming videos, Skyping and recording video blogs.

Can it get any better?!… Well actually, yes it can.

It's also one tough cookie. The edges of the case are raised so it will protect your phone if it does happen to fall, and the nano-suction material also absorbs shock, so there won't be any screen cracking either.

We just think we've found our new best friend.