Whether you love your name or hate your name, it could be the key to your success. Well, apparently.

Recent research has revealed how a name can influence the way people respond to you and see you as a person.

Professor Richard Wiseman, from the University of Hertfordshire, told the Inquirer: "If your name sounds intelligent, successful and attractive, you are more likely to act those things."

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And similarly, another study was conducted by psychologist Albert Mehrabian of the University of California, which showed that people were treated differently depending on how attractive or unattractive their name was.

In his book Beneficial and Harmful Baby Names, he wrote: "Names make impressions, just like the way you clothe your child or the way you groom them makes an impression. People with 'undesirable' names do get treated differently."

He also came up with a list of the most attractive names:

1. Elizabeth
2. Jacqueline
3. Holly
4. Ann
5. Mary

1. James
2. Steven
3. Christopher
4. Kenneth
5. Thomas

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Bottom of the list:

1. Elvira
2. Eula
3. Shar
4. Zoila
5. Latrina

1. Butch
2. Rufus
3. Ozzie
4. Jock
5. Rip

In the study, the researchers concluded that there seems to be an apparent link between your name and what you're interested in – just look at the fastest man on Earth, Usain Bolt.