There's something about the sound of our alarm going off that makes our bed suddenly feel like the toastiest, comfiest and most marshmallowy soft place on earth.

If you're the kind of person that would gladly take an extra ten minutes of horizontal time than brave getting up, you've no doubt figured out how to condense your beauty routine into a ten-minute rush.

But sometimes it feels like there's just no hiding your bed-head hair, no matter how many times you brush it or run the straightener through it.

If you KNOW you won't have time for a shower in the morning (or are simply gonna rock second-day hair), then here are some tips to make sure you look as groomed as ever.

The night before

Style like a pro
If you do decide to wash your hair the night before, you'll need to take some extra measures to ensure it retains volume. Apply volumising spray while it's still damp, and blowdry with a rounded brush.

Work Blake Lively-style beachy waves
Plaiting damp hair is the most hassle-free way to achieve wavy locks – all the hard work happens while you're fast asleep. Spritz some texturising spray on in the morning to hold the waves in place.

Use dry shampoo
Applying dry shampoo at night means it'll have more time to be absorbed, and it'll also avoid limp-looking hair the following day.


In the morning

Restyle where needed
If your hair is sitting funny on one side or you've suddenly developed an oh-so attractive cow's lick, simply wet the offending pieces of hair, apply volumising spray and blowdry. No need to hop in the shower.

Curl it
Second-day hair has more grip and holds a curl far more easily. Spritz on some heat protectant and use a curling iron to curl strands away from the face at the front, alternating directions at the middle and back.

Go for an updo or ponytail
Any hairdresser will tell you that upstyles look better with second-day hair too, so rock a topknot, a twisted ponytail or one of these two-minute styles instead of wearing your hair down.