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As students across the country scramble to find appropriate accommodation ahead of the academic year, the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) is urging people to visit homes.usi.ie.

There are over 900 rooms available to rent on the website, and USI are encouraging students to consider digs to take some of the pressure off searching for rented accommodation.

USI President Michael Kerrigan said, “We’re now seeing digs benefiting both the homeowner and the student. Students have somewhere warm and safe near where they're studying. The homeowner gets to claim up to €14,000-a-year tax free.”

Concerns over the lack of available accommodation have prompted the USI to take action.

“Worryingly, 38 students in our study on housing stated that they have no accommodation and had to sleep on friends’ couches, floors or in cars. In two cases, students declared sleeping rough and availing of homeless aid. We don’t want to see this happen to more students.”

“To have 900 rooms ready to rent at one time on homes.usi.ie is a clear sign that homeowners are responding to the student accommodation crisis,” he added.

USI are recommending that students contact the homeowners directly by mobile phone to discuss house rules before moving in.

An online support service is available to website users on homes@usi.ie and homes.usi.ie also offer accommodation advice.



The student living situation in Dublin is pretty dire at the moment, but thankfully there is hope on the horizon.  

Almost 4,000 students will have a new place to call home by 2020 thanks to some new apartment complexes.

Five new student villages are currently underway, and one of them looks absolutely unreal. 

Uninest Student Residency New Mill is currently under construction in the Libertines, and the new rooms look nicer than any apartment we've ever lived in. 

The rooms include built-in wardrobes, rain head showers and smart TVs, and are decked out in modern, minimalist decor. 

The prices for the rooms haven't been released yet, as the rooms aren't quite ready to be booked. 

The complex even comes complete with a cinema room, a music room and secure parcel storage for when you miss that ASOS delivery.

We don't remember living this well when we were students…