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Ever wanted a tad more vintage sportswear in your life to spice up your contemporary wardrobe? Then you're in luck. 

Nine Crows is renowned for their eagle-eyed choices when it comes to curating their vintage stock, and now the creators of Nine Crows are bringing a whole new brand to Ireland.

White Noise is dedicated solely to curating a careful capsule collection of vintage and premium men's sportswear. 

Each item is handpicked by the team, and will surely be the answer to every Dublin street style veteran's hunger for vintage and high end sportswear.

The launch has been a full year in the making, with the collection including the likes of Fila, Champion, Nike, and Levi. 

While it may be committed to sourcing men's sportswear, it's guaranteed that Irish women will want in on the action. 

Androgynous, sports grunge styling is a key part of the wardrobes of so many of our sartorial sisters, and now we have the opportunity to adopt the look ourselves. 


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Luxury brands carried by White Noise include Burberry, Fendi and Versace.

The site just launched online, and will be constantly updated with vintage finds. 

Our online baskets are already pretty full, so you'll have to beat us to it. 


If the warmer weather is motivating you to get out and get active, then it might be time to invest in some new gear, too.

Luckily for you, Aldi have just given us a sneak peek at their summer running range, and it all looks fab.

As you'd expect from Aldi, the prices are brilliantly affordable – which probably means we're going to end up buying way more than we need!

The new range hits Aldi's 114 Irish stores on Thursday April 16th, but here are a few of the pieces already on our wishlist:

Ultra Bright Summer Running T-Shirt, €8.99


Ladies' Running Jacket, €17.99


Ladies' Running Shorts, €8.99


Ladies' Premium Running Shoes, €25.99

Set your alarms for April 16th – we reckon this is all going to sell out fast…


Just when you thought your workout session was the one time it was ok to look like crap, the rules have changed.

Victoria’s Secret has launched a range of tiny sports bras and skin-tight workout leggings as they dive into the sportswear industry, which means the gym bunnies will now be able to make you feel even worse.

Sure, the clothes look great, mainly because that amazing model fronting the campaign is wearing them, but God, can’t it be acceptable for us to look terrible just ONCE?

Oh well, I guess we can still use those baggy t-shirts to sleep in…