She's only been with him for six months, but Paris Jackson is already moving her boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, into her father's mansion.

Michael Jackson recorded songs such as Billie Jean and Beat It, and now Snoddy is making himself at home there.


my pan..

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According to Page Six, the 18-year-old is "smitten" and some even suspect they have married in secret.

An insider told the website that Michael also quit his pizza delivery job in order to move in with his girlfriend.

"Michael quit his job around July and they moved into the house where Michael [Jackson] grew up.

"Now they're trying to do this happy family thing. They refer to themselves as a family a lot," the source said.


let me tell ya bout my besstt frennn

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The late King of Pop lived in the Californian home since he was a child, and then moved to the infamous Neverland Ranch in 1988.