Flat-pack lovers rejoice!  You’ll soon be able to build your own bike thanks to IKEA.

According to The Telegraph, the world's largest furniture retailer is set to grow its already expansive body of goods by launching its first ever flat-pack bicycle.

The Sladda – whose name means “to skid sideways” – will come in one colour, two sizes and have a mix of optional add-ons so if you fancy pimping out your DIY ride you can always add a basket or trailer.

As well as being lightweight and chainless, the Sladda's gears are automatic – which means they go up and down with your movements.

IKEA is so confident with its new product they’ve guaranteed it for 15,000 kilometres but according to The Guardian, the Sladda isn’t quite the flat-pack dream you’d expect as their reviewer – who does cycle – found it pretty difficult to put together with IKEA's wordless instructions.

But if you fancy a challenge and like the idea of flying around the city on your very own flat-pack masterpiece, you could get a Sladda from €700 later this year.