Perhaps the age of the ultra skinny super model is finally coming to an end. 

As we are finally seeing more natural shapes on the runway (Gigi Hadid, how are ye?), France has just passed a landmark piece of legislature which protects models from becoming unhealthy as a result of their work demands. 

The bill will require that all models who wish to work in the country must obtain a doctor's note proving they are healthy and fit to work based on their weight, age and body shape.

Any employers who refuse to follow the new procedures can be prosecuted and face fines starting at 75,000€ as well as possible jail time. 

The bill also sets in place guidelines for the retouching of fashion images. Any image which alters a models frame significantly to be skinnier than it actually is, must now be clearly labelled as a "retouched image".

Violation of these guidelines will also result in hefty fines. 

France is not the first country to have passed legislation of this nature. Italy, Spain and Israel have also put in place laws that ban models with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 18 from working in the industry. 

Let's hope this is the last time we are expected to think that protruding bones on the runway are representative of normal or 'fashionable' women.