We didn't see this one coming!

Natalie Massenet, founder of fashion giant Net-A-Porter, made a shock departure from her business on the eve of the company's merger with the Yoox group. 

The fashion industry has been left abuzz with rumours asking why, what's happened and where will the entrepreneur move to next?

Yesterday, Natalie herself made a statement on her decision. 

"The completion of Net-a-Porter Group's merger with Yoox Group is the right time for me to move on to explore new ideas and opportunities," she said. 

"The business I started in 2000 could not be in better shape today. Having joined forces with Yoox Group, the company will be bigger, stronger and superbly well positioned [in the fashion industry]."

"As a continuing loyal customer I will be excited to see the next chapter for this amazing business."

We have to admit, our inner gossips want to know what happened for her to make such an abrupt decision, but then again we're even more interested to find out what she will do next. 

"As for my own future, my entrepreneurial drive is as strong today as it always has been, and my passion for innovation will continue to be my greatest guide in business." 

After fifteen years knowing the luxury fashion market like the back of her hand, Natalie has the type of experience that would make any major brand drool.