The body positivity movement has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years.

In an effort to shut down unrealistic beauty expectations, more and more bloggers are ditching the filters and face-tuning apps and are instead choosing to embrace their true selves, flaws and all.

Ariella Nyssa, a body positive influencer, has always been vocal about her journey to self acceptance, and a recent post about embracing her cellulite was both relatable and powerful.  


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'Cellulite, fat, uneven skin. This is me,' she wrote. 

'There was a time in my life where I HATED these things. I wanted to cut them off my body, I wanted to be someone else.'

'It’s only this last year that I have realised the beauty in each and every one of these things. My cellulite is BEAUTIFUL. My fat and rolls, still BEAUTIFUL. And my uneven tan, STILL BEAUTIFUL.'


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'It’s about time we all learnt to love ourselves at every stage of our lives. Don’t let the number on the scales define you.'

'Observe and identify the beautiful qualities you possess and praise them! Love them! Embrace them! For they are they make you YOU!'

Ariella has also discussed the impact and comparisons that come with having an online presence. 

'I’ve seen so many of my beautiful friends leaving social media because they aren’t happy. I can completely see why that is! I have down days about instagram all the time. It’s extremely hard not to compare yourself to every other influencer there is,' she said. 

It's about time influencers were giving us some realness.