A trip to the hairdressers can be pricey but there is something about a fresh blow dry that will really make you feel gorgeous. These tips will give you salon results without you having to spend a fortune.

Short hair

  1. Spray a little heat protecting spray.
  2. Clip up the top section of your hair.
  3. Use a paddle brush to brush your hair forward to stop it going frizzy. Do this all over.
  4. Dry your fringe next.
  5. Unclip your hair and work backwards until your hair is dry.

Long hair

  1. Spritz a little heat protecting spray and some volumiser to amp hair.
  2. Blow dry your fringe first, if you have one, using a round brush. Pull your bangs straight.
  3. Partially dry the rest of your hair and move it around with your fingers to give volume.
  4. Clip the top section of your hair and dry the underneath section first. Use the round brush to pull the hair.
  5. To dry the top section, pull up a chunk of the hair, hold it up straight and direct the nozzle at i

To hold your style in place, spritz a little hairspray all over.