At the start of 2017, Roxy and Ronnie Mitchell were killed off on Eastenders.

The sisters both drowned together in a swimming pool, and understandably, many viewers were outraged by their deaths.

Why? Well, only three years previous, Ronnie and Roxy got into a car accident which left them plunging into the depths of a deep lake… and they saved themselves. So, why couldn't they save themselves in a swimming pool?

But moving on, on Thursday night's episode, the residents of Albert Square were preparing for the funerals of the sisters, which saw Jack Branning visit his wife Ronnie, as she lay in her coffin.

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However, many viewers noticed that Roxy's body was never shown. Then, later in the episode, Phil Mitchell received a random phone call, to which he said was a wrong number.

But he later rang back that number and had a conversation with the caller. "Hello, I saw your missed call, why are you ringing so late," said Phil.

"OK, alright, calm down. Of course I'll see you. Alright I'll meet you there."

And that was all that was needed to make viewer's suspicions rise: