It wasn’t that long ago when Rita Ora was gushing about her ex Calvin Harris, but it seems the singer has well and truly moved on if the latest rumours are anything to go by.

It was rumoured for quite a while that Rita was dating Tommy Hilfiger’s son, Ricky Hill. But it’s looking more likely that these two are an item as they were spotted holding hands a date on Saturday at Nobu.

A source revealed that things were getting quite serious between the two as Ricky flew over to accompany Rita on her travels.

“Ricky came over to Europe to hang with Rita a bit more this summer. They really hit it off when they met and really like each other, so Rita invited him over to join her.”

The source also added that Ricky is nothing like Rita’s ex Calvin.

”He’s a bit of a bad boy and a real world away from clean-cut Calvin. He openly boasts about smoking weed all the time on Twitter and has released mix-tapes called Support Your Local Drug Dealer. People are worried he might not be the best influence on Rita right now”.

To fuel the rumours even more, Ricky himself shared a photo of him and Rita three days ago. Hmm we just wonder what Calvin thinks of this snap?