To say the last few months of Gary Beadle and Charlotte Crosby’s lives have been tumultuous would be a major understatement, but it seems Gaz is ready to move on from the tragedy of Char’s ectopic pregnancy and find himself a new girlfriend.

The problem?  He simply cannot source a girl who’s as interested in him as they are in ex.

In the latest instalment of his controversial Daily Star column, the Geordie Shore star revealed that the first thing he is asked about on dates is his relationship with Ms Crosby.



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He wrote: “I moved on to just meeting random people and getting their numbers.  First thing they asked me was: ‘What happened with you and Charlotte?’”

“C’mon girls,” he continued, “We are on a date, and you are talking about my ex or digging for Geordie Shore secrets, it’s literally like being on a PA sometimes.”

As well as the Charlotte issue, Gary eloquently discussed the woes of meeting girls online.



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While his Instagram feed is “just banging with girls who look like Beyoncé or Gigi Hadid”, the 28-year-old reality star compared meeting these celebrity lookalikes to an episode of Catfish because in real life the girls did not live up to his expectations.

Tinder is similarly problematic because it is “full of female versions” of Gaz, and when he does get a match he’s happy with – just like Zac Effron – the girls don’t believe his profile is legit.

As for the “unreal” girls he has met through more organic means – in nightclubs – Gaz says if they wanted to be “Mrs Gary Beadle” they should have waited longer before sleeping with him.



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And he wonders why he can’t find a girlfriend…

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