So, as we get older, out taste in alcohol tends to become a little more sophisticated.

And what's the most sophisticated drink of all? – a tall bubbly glass of prosecco of course.

Well, prepare to combine your new found fanciness with memories of your youth, because Prosecco Pong is now a thing.

That's right – just like beer pong, only classier.

Made by the good folks over at Talking Tables, the Prosecco Pong set comes with 12 prosecco glasses and three neon pink ping pong balls – all the makings for the perfect prosecco party.

Well, minus the prosecco of course.

Spilt into teams or play one on one, either way Prosecco Pong is the perfect addition to any party.

Currently retailing at €16.99 per pack, this posh party game is available to buy here.