Normally, when celebs phone numbers get leaked online, it's by someone who is holding a grudge against them, or as we've seen in the Kardashians' case, your brother, sister, or other half.

Well, Pretty Little Liars star Keegan Allen decided yesterday to write his OWN phone number on Twitter… and ended up crashing his phone network's whole company.

He wrote: “Call me : (415) 787-9734 – let me thank you for being so amazing (hopefully this number works) if not- I’ll figure out another one."

And then, just moments later said: “Lol. 23k calls in 5 minutes crashed the number. I’ll figure out another way."

It was reported to Jared that the whole network ended up crashing.

Since the phone calling didn't work, he decided to take to Snapchat and documented how it was going all night:

When his time was done talking to his fans, he later sent out messages he got of people thanking him:

We think we might love him even more now.