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Maniac 2000 has been knocking around for a whopper 16 years now, and we've lost count of how many 21sts/debs/weddings we've heard it played at.

But according to Mark McCabe, the Irish DJ who released the song way back in 2000, there's one crucial line that people STILL sing incorrectly.

"She's a craic, she's a craic, she's a maniac"?

Yeah, apparently that line is actually "She'll attack, she'll attack, she's a maniac." 

Who knew?! Well, Mark did, it seems. He dropped the bombshell to PJ Gallagher over the weekend, as the pair drove around Dublin singing and generally having gas craic as part of the Carpool Karaoke-esque #LidlLipSync campaign.

"That's the line people always get wrong," he says. "What's 'she's a craic'?"

Watch the full clip here – including PJ and Mark's "car party" with three unsuspecting passengers:

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