Calling all pizza lovers, the famous junk food has officially made it into the beauty hall of fame.

While the term "pizza liner" conjures up gross and greasy thoughts, the actual look has less to do with IRL pizza and more to do with achieving a flick so sharp it looks like a perfectly cut slice.

And then adorning it with cheese and pepperoni, of course.

Beauty Youtuber Cass Isel Lopez showcased her love of the popular dish by uploaded a photo of this outrageously delicious look to Instagram, and her fans we're mad for it.

We've already had unicorn liner and knife liner, so why not culinary creations? 

We might try this out there makeup trend in the comfort of our own homes, just to see if we can make a good job of it. 

However this look definitely isn't going to be worn outside of those four walls, unless we're heading up to Dominos for collection.