Listen guys, our phones are practically part of our bodies at this stage, and if you say they're not, you're telling a fib.

Whether you mainly use yours for calling, texting, gaming, social media or trying to organise a mini-reunion on Whatsapp for the girls at the weekend (which never ends up happening), there is something that you will always need your phone for.

So when our batteries run out, it's not ideal at all. In fact, I'm going to say that we can feel a little bit lost without them, right?

Well, AVG's Android App Performance and Trend Report tested and discovered what apps are draining our batteries… and you're not going to like it:

1. Whatsapp

2. Instagram

3. Facebook

4. Facebook Messenger

5. Google Maps

Also included in the top ten is The Weather Channel, WeChat, ChatOn, Kik and Blackberry Messenger (but who uses them anyway?!).

Time to turn off those Insta notifications, ladies.