The University Of Glasgow is about to turn one of the world's most beloved cartoon characters into an official university course.

Homer Simpson is the inspiration behind a brand new philosophy course, which is set to examine the philosophical content behind the show.

The university will probe the wisdom of Homer Simpson and his family alongside the works of great thinkers like Socrates and Aristotle.

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The Daily Record reports that the University Of Glasgow is offering a new course called ‘D’oh! The Simpsons Introduce Philosophy’, taught by university tutor and philosophy fanatic John Donaldson.

"Matt Groening, the man behind The Simpsons, was a student of philosophy, and that comes through in each episode" Professor Donaldson told the Daily Mail. 

"The Simpsons is a very sophisticated work of popular culture, with a broad scope and depth, and is full of philosophical themes."

The day course, which is scheduled for January 14, costs €35, and offers it's students a masters doh'gree in The Simpsons philosophy on completion. 

The news of the course comes after The Simpsons essentially broke the internet when it came to light that they had predicted the presidency of Donald Trump, along with predicting the spread of the Ebola virus and 9/11.