It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking January is the time to start a fad diet or an extreme detox, but the experts from Wellbeing Escapes shows we’ve been getting it wrong all along.

Since days are much longer now, our body’s natural cycle dictates that we actually need extra care and nourishment to get us through winter times.

Here are a few ways we can take care of our bodies without putting it through hell:

  • Eat nourishing foods but don’t overdo it and always eat according to your body’s requirements.
  • Pamper yourself when you get the chance with a gentle massage.
  • A bit of yoga never killed anyone – do gentle workouts that will still help you to build up enough sweat to release toxins from your body.
  • Make some time for meditation because when your mind is at peace, your body is at peace.

As far as a detox goes, try holding off until spring. Your body will naturally have more energy, so you will probably get better results.