Yesterday, a video emerged of Made In Chelsea star, Olivia Bentley, snorting a suspicious white substance at a London party.

In the footage obtained by The Sun, Olivia is seen sitting at a glass table with three lines of white powder in front of her. An onlooker said she was taking cocaine, and was quite open about it.


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The source said she was bragging about her life on MIC and said: "I'm on a TV show so people write sh*t all the time. I quite like reading the articles," while she rolled up a bank note. She then snorted one of the lines and licked her fingers.

The insider continued: "There were people she didn't know. I was shocked she'd do drugs in front of them. She'll regret it if she is booted off the show."


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And now, a spokesperson for the E4 show told the MailOnline: "Olivia has been suspended from the show pending an investigation."

Olivia's representatives have refused to comment.