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Jenelle Evans, star of MTV’s reality series Teen Mom, has been arrested for alleged assault.

On Thursday in South Carolina it is believed Jenelle, 23, had a run in with her now ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith’s new girlfriend.

People magazine reports that officers were called to a house in the Myrtle Beach area for an assault at around two in the afternoon.


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It is believed that the victim is Nathan’s girlfriend and that she was at the house to help him back up his belongings as he no longer lives there.

The victim, 29, claims that Jenelle threw a drinking glass at her head. Jenelle has been charged with assault in the third degree.

In May of this year, she was arrested for allegedly assaulting Nathan, 27, and charged with domestic violence.

He told officers at the time that Jenelle had come to his home and assaulted him and he then asked for a restraining order. She then asked him to come outside or threatened she would damage his property.


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Once outside, Jenelle, who “smelled of alcohol” then is reported to have physically attacked Nathan.

Myrtle Beach Online reports that according to jail records, this is the third arrest for the mother of two this year.

The two, who split in July, had gotten engaged in January. Just days after Nathan proposed the two were locked in a heated argument which viewers saw play out on the series Teen Mom.


Went to church with the family today and it didn't catch on fire haters

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Since then the pair have had a rocky on/off relationship. They also have a son together, Kaiser, who is one year old.

SHe was also arrested in February of this year for driving without a license. Less than a month ago she shared happy photos on her Instagram account on her graduation day. Both Nathan and her mom Barbara, with whom she also had a troubled relationship, were on hand at the big day to support the reality TV star. 


In 2009 Jenelle Evans was supposed to enter her senior year of high school. Instead, her life was turned upside down when she became one of MTV’s most famous Teen Moms. After a troubled history of domestic abuse claims, drug related charges and some questionable relationships people wondered if Janelle would ever be able to get back to a more normal life.

However, today the 23-year old was happy to share the news that she became a college graduate.


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“Sexy and successful,” she captioned a photo on her Instagram where she poses in her bright blue cap and gown.

The Teen Mom 2 star, and mom to sons Jace,5, and Kaiser,1, is currently engaged to fiancé Nathan Grifith. However, despite plans to marry sometime in the future the pair have had a rocky relationship in recent times.


Thanks to my family for being here as my biggest support system and able to push me through it !!!

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Their public spats have caused Janelle’s mom, who has custody of her son Jace, to restrict the amount of time he spends with Janelle. In a recent Facebook Q&A the reality TV star explained:

“She's concerned about Nathan and I… Our relationship will never be perfect but we do love each other and take things day by day.”

She also admitted she doesn’t think her mom, Barbara, will ever fully accept her relationship with Nathan, telling her fans, “I honestly don't think she would ever agree,” when asked about Barbara’s opinion on their impending marriage.

Today though, Janelle seemed more focused on her recent achievements and her future career. She also acknowledged how much her mom has helped her get through in the last number of years and the pair were all smiles for Janelle's big day.

She told her followers: “If i have been through all I did today and still can go back to school and graduate… SO CAN U! I did it !!!!!”

Congratulations Janelle! 


Yesterday it was reported that police in South Carolina were on the hunt for Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans following reports of a violent assault against her estranged fiancé.

Now it seems the reality star has turned herself in and is facing charges today.

Jenelle's mug shot, taken today (May 28th, 2015)


​Jenelle called off her engagement with Nathan Griffith earlier this year, but police were called yesterday after she reportedly showed up at his apartment and began physically attacking him.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ, Jenelle called Nathan to inform him that she was outside his home and was damaging his car. 

When police finally arrived, Jenelle had disappeared but Nathan reportedly had "scratches around his neck, a ripped shirt and bruising on the side of his face." Nathan also alleged that he had been pushed down a flight of stairs.

Jenelle began trying to clear her name via Twitter yesterday, posting from her "official PR" account to say that the argument had started when Nathan refused to give back the couple's 11-month-old son Kaiser after a custody visit.

Whatever the truth, a new update was posted on the account this evening stating that Jenelle had turned herself in:

Jenelle is now in custody and will reportedly have her bail hearing in the next few hours.


It's been a year full of ups and downs for Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans and her estranged fiancé Nathan Griffith, and now it seems things have taken another turn for the dramatic.

Earlier today it was reported that police were in the process of tracking down Jenelle after she showed up unannounced at Nathan's apartment and began verbally and physically attacking him.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ, Jenelle called Nathan to inform him that she was outside his home and was damaging his car. 

When police finally arrived, Jenelle had disappeared but Nathan reportedly had "scratches around his neck, a ripped shirt and bruising on the side of his face."

An official statement from Jenelle's PR people via Twitter states that the argument began after Nathan refused to hand over the couple's 11-month-old son Kaiser when the reality star came to pick him up.

This is not the first time in recent months that the couple have been involved in a domestic disturbance. The pair first cut off their engagement back in February when a violent argument broke out between them.

At the time, Jenelle told police that Nathan had pinned her "against a toilet and forcibly removed an engagement ring from her finger" during a disagreement at the couple's former shared home. Nathan, however, claimed that no such incident took place and that Jenelle had removed the ring herself.

Just last weekend, fans began speculating that the couple might be working through their differences, after Jenelle posted an Instagram picture of herself and Nathan hanging out at the Electric Daisy Carnival festival in New York.

Whatever about the picture, it looks ot us like these two could be better off apart…