Sometimes our day just gets the better of us. Maybe it’s a lack of sleep or a change in routine, but by 2pm you’re feeling like you’d happily go straight back to bed and cancel all future plans, forever. In these cases, an afternoon nap can be a total game changer.

Research has recently shown that a “coffee nap” is the ultimate strategy for a quick snooze to boost alertness. By drinking a cup of coffee just before you lie down, you’ll really feel the benefits upon waking. The effects of caffeine are often held back by adenosine, another chemical in our body that causes drowsiness when we are awake. When we are asleep, our adenosine levels drop and our good friend caffeine can do his work. Hurray!

Here are some other top napping tips to ensure you’re raring to go after a snooze:

Plan a nap
If you know you’ll be up late or have a very busy evening ahead, be tactical and plan a nap for sometime between noon and 4pm. That way you’re boosting your body’s energy before you even begin to feel sleepy.

Keep it short!
Set yourself a 30 minute time limit. Any longer than that and your cat nap will turn into a deep sleep and you’ll just wake up groggy. If you’re seriously tired and have the time, try 90 minutes. That’s the average length of a sleep cycle, so you’ll still wake up refreshed.

Napping not an option? Get outside instead
A brisk walk outside, even for 10 minutes, can really wake you up and leave you feeling more alert. This might also be a little easier to squeeze in during office hours!