Sam Smith burst into the music scene back in 2012 and bagged his first number one less than a year later. 

Since then he has been working non-stop but now he has decided that he wants to take a break out of the limelight for a while. 

Why, you ask? To find the perfect boyfriend, of course. And to get some much needed downtime too. 

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, he revealed that he just wants to take some time away to be normal again. 

“I've been playing now for three years nonstop,” Sam said. “And it feels right for me to just go home and live my life — just be a 23-year-old.”

And with all his new-found freedom, the Lay Me Down singer added that he's determined to find Mr Right.

"It'd be good to actually spend some time dating I think."

But this break doesn't mean it's the end of his music, as he explained that he has been "inspired."

"I've found direction on what I want to say and how I want things to sound. But there’s a long way to go.”

We'll miss you Sam, who else is going to knock out kiss-ass love songs?!