Even if you're stoney broke and can't afford to take your mum to lunch or on a spa day, a thoughtful card with a meaningful message will mean so much more to her than anything else.

If you can't find what you're looking for in the local shop, check out some of these beautiful Irish-made cards from artists all over the country.

You'll have to act fast to get them delivered – but some of these cards are also available in selected art and design shops across Ireland, too.

1. MAM! This card will surely get her attention… finally.

Twisted Doodles, €1.78, available here

2. When you can't quite think of the right words…

Studio Brown Designs, €4.45, available here

3. This card says it all, really.

Huggitos, €3.30, available here

4. We heart our mammies… LOADS.

Catsnake Prints, €3.50, available here

5. Ah, the immersion. It's been known to break up families…

Studio Brown Designs, €4.45, available here

6. She's a bestie, a shoulder to cry on and a mum all in one. What more could we ask for?

Thepearinpaper, €3.25, available here