Today marks the 25th anniversary of the legendary Fair City. Oh sure, we all laugh at it and make comments about the occasional bad acting – but let’s be honest here. Before Love/Hate showed up, we all tuned into Fair City for our daily dose of Irish gangster-ism (it’s a word). If there wasn’t a gangster hanging around Carrickstown, there was someone equally terrifying. Here is our list of the top five most terrifying Fair City characters!

Lorna Quinn deserves an award for her portrayal of Lucy, it’s not easy to instil such fear with one single look. We would NOT want to stumble into her down a dark alley!

Billy Meehan
Possibly the most terrifying of them all. Lorcan did away with him though, thankfully.

Paddy Bishop
When this guy turned up on the Bishop doorstep, we just KNEW he was trouble. That smile. Shivers down the spine!

Yvonne may have mellowed (slightly) over the years, but no one can spit venom quite like her. It’s all in the eyebrows.

Tommy Dillon
Poor Tommy. He couldn’t cope after his brother died and his wife left him, so he decided to stalk her. He did a good job of it too, hiding in the attic and watching her while she slept. Ten out of ten for creepiness.