Those cute little bars of Kinder chocolate are the healthier option, right?

They're so small they must be better than a Moro, or a Snickers, or even just a small bar of Dairy Milk?

Well, turns out they're way worse.

A German food watchdog has called for the bars to be recalled since after testing, it found that the chocolate has dangerous levels described as "likely carcinogens."

The watchdog said that mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons – which comes from oil when it's refined – have been found in the product.

Kinder made a statement to the Mail Online, saying that this isn't actually anything new and "traces of mineral oil exist nearly everywhere and they can be transferred to food in many different ways."

It continued: "Main migration sources are, for example, mineral oil components from printing inks and recycled fibre."

It added that they are trying their best to make sure all mineral oils will not be transferred to its products again.