If you're like us then you're constantly forgetting where you put your keys in the morning.

Or you walk into a room to do something and then poof! You can't remember what that something was.

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If you're always misplacing things then listen up, because apparently we have an untapped memory reserve that we never use – and really should.

The ancient Greeks first touched on this and a recent study by Cell.com has proved that we can create a 'memory palace' for ourselves.

According to the research, tapping into your 'memory palace' requires you to create vivid images of the things you want to remember later.

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So, if you want to remember where you put your keys, visualise them on the kitchen table, so it'll be in your mind for when you want to find them. Make sense?

The study also revealed that if you use this method over 40 days, your brain activity will also increase. 

A few Sherlock Holmes vibes going on here…

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