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Hollywood hottie Alexander Skarsgard appeared on the Late Late Show last night to promote his new movie War On Everyone.

He was joined on the couch by his co-star Michael Pena and director John Michael McDonagh, but had quite the awkward moment with Ryan when he said he once “back-packed” in Ireland.

After a confused glance, Alex said: “12 hours, I’ve spent 12 hours here.

“I lived in Leeds for a while. We spent one night in a youth hostel in bunk beds with German back packers.

“We had one meal, and we went to McDonalds,” he laughed.

Michael then joked: "Well done with that research," before Alexander awkwardly added: “Great story guys…"

The lads also didn't realise the show is filmed live, and had another pretty funny moment in the clip above.


If you're staying in tonight then we'd suggest watching the Late Late Show, because there's going to be some major (and hot) Hollywood stars on set.

Alexander Skarsgard and Michael Pena will join Tubbers on the couch right after their film, War on Everyone's Dublin premiere.

Alexander is known for starring in True Blood, Zoolander and he most recently took on the role of Tarzan in the new blockbuster movie.

Michael has starred in a long list of movies such as American Hustle, Ant-Man, Gangster Squad, Million Dollar Baby and The Martian.

We'll also see appearances from Jilly Cooper, Kerry Deputy Michael Healy Rea and will have music from Josh Christina, Smokie and Heroes in Hiding.

It looks like a great show!