For the last 10 years, birthday girl Ellen Pompeo has starred as Meredith Grey in the hit series, Grey's Anatomy.

She's remained a firm fan-favourite and one of the highest-paid TV actresses today. 

In honour of her special day we are wishing her all the best on her birthday!

However, it did get us thinking about how close her alter-ego Meredith has come to her last birthday. Multiple times. 

Any fans of Grey's will tell you that series creator Shonda Rhimes does not hesitate in putting her fans through emotional on a weekly basis.

What are the chances that any of these outrageous incidents would happen to one single person? 


1. She holds a bomb inside a patient’s body. Which then explodes just after she hands it off to Dillon. 

2. She drowns

3. She gets far too close to a distraught gunman. 

4. A Seattle resident has a pet lion. And the lion escapes

5. She's in the plane crash! 

6. She's exposed to toxic blood, for a very long time. 

Happy birthday Meredith Grey, you ridiculous human being.