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Sounds like Dakota Johnson needs to take some advice from JK Simmons' acceptance speech and start being a bit nicer to her long-suffering mother!

The Fifty Shades of Grey star, who presented an award at last night's ceremony, walked the red carpet with her actress mum Melanie Griffith, but seemed to forget the cameras were rolling and started acting the maggot in a big way.

Presenter Lara Spencer stopped the pair to ask them a few questions – but it soon became clear Dakota was in no form to chat to a reporter. Things got off to a bad start when Lara referred to the actress as Melanie's "little girl," and it all went downhill from there.

When asked what she thought of the erotic drama Fifty Shades, Melanie admitted that she had chosen not to see the film, saying, "I don't think I can, I think it would be strange," while Dakota kept repeating, "Maybe one day."

Melanie continued to defend her choice by saying, "She [Dakota] is a really good actress…I don't need to see it to know how good she is."

25-year-old Dakota then turned to her mum and snapped  “Alright! You don’t have to see it,” before turning away from the microphone and adding, “Jesus Christ.”

Awkward, much?! Dakota then dug herself into an even bigger hole by saying, "It's a movie. She knows that… I’m like, ‘You can see it!’ and she’s just like, ‘No.’”

We hope the mother and daughter team patched up their differences later in the night!



Woah – what did Antonio do to annoy Melanie so much?!

When Melanie Griffith and husband Antonio Banderas famously announced their separation a few months ago, many wondered – what is she going to do about THAT tattoo?!

More recently, the actress has been seen out and about with the tattoo covered, prompting rumours she is getting it removed or altered.

However, she has finally spoken out about her plans for the tattoo, saying she is going to get “F*** You” as a replacement…classy!

Although, we’re sure Melanie was just joking.

Or maybe that was just her telling the photographers to leave her alone!



It’s just been revealed that Melanie Griffith has filed for divorce from her husband, Antonio Banderas.

Legal documents were leaked today revealing that a separation was taking place between the famous couple, who have been married for 18 years.

The documents don’t list a date for when the separation was taking place but do reveal that the cause of the divorce is due to irreconcilable differences.

According to the legal documents, Mel is asking for both spouse and child support, as well as sole physical and joint custody of their 18-year-old daughter, Stella.

Sources have revealed that the separation between the couple is amicable.

This is Griffith’s fourth divorce, while this is Banderas’ second.

We wish them all the best, it’s never easy to end a relationship.


The couple released a joint statement this evening confirming their separation: “We have thoughtfully and consensually decided to finalize our almost twenty years marriage in a loving and friendly manner honouring and respecting each other, our family and friends and the beautiful time we have spent together – Melanie & Antonio.”