She may have started her career on children’s television, but the hidden meaning behind Ariana Grande’s new song proves that this star is most definitely a grown-up.

Innocently enough when Side to Side’s featured artist Nicki Minaj told MTV that the “whole song is about riding leading to soreness” we presumed she meant riding bicycles because the single’s video shows its lead singer leading a spin class.

But apparently we were very very wrong as it has now been suggested that Side to Side is actually about being left a bit sore after a marathon sex session.  WTF, right?

On Tuesday Girls creator Lena Dunham ever so delicately explained via Twitter that she had experienced “SO MANY EMOTIONZ” after learning that Side to Side is about “getting railed so hard you can’t walk”.

That same day Lena’s comments were retweeted by Ariana herself who contributed nothing more to the puzzle solving expedition than a few cryptic emojis.




Fans are taking the singer’s retweet as confirmation that the rumours are true and, given that the song does contain the phrase “d*ck bicycle” (sorry!), it looks like they mightn’t be too far wrong.