Irish men are some of the funniest and sweetest men around, but unfortunately they are also very commonly afflicted with a syndrome known as Mammy's Boy-ism.

Do they know how to work the washing machine? Yes… probably… but they've never really had to use it. Can they iron? Again… maybe… but they've never really had to. And the list goes on.

It's not that mammy's boys are lazy, it's just that they've never really had to look after themselves. Ever. Until now.

Here are a few key signs that he's well and truly grown up as a kept man…

1. The fact that laundry piles up and up seriously confuses him
"Will I just buy new underwear? I've none left for some reason."


2. He loves having dinner cooked for him
You better make enough for seconds and thirds, too


3. He'll still always compare your food to his mam's though
"Oh, what's this? A slow-cooked Moroccan lamb casserole? So it's basically stew, is it?"


4. When he cooks for himself, it's generally one of three dishes
Shepherd's Pie, Spag Bol, frozen pizza.


5. You wouldn't DARE diss his mam. Ever.
Not that you'd even dream of saying a bad word about her…


6. Even when she shows up unannounced, you still can't diss her
"Oh, great to see you Mrs. McCarthy, excuse me while I change out of my PJs and wipe this Nutella off my face."


7. Whatever happens though, he still treats you like a princess
He's been taught well, y'see.