This story is both is both sweet and slightly disturbing.

While caught in a rip current in Oahu, Hawaii, Anne Hathaway scrapped her foot on a reed.

While the Les Miserables actress was saved from the rip by a nearby surfer, her husband Adam Shulman also proved to be a knight in shining armour.

The 31-year-old’s foot injury was clearly causing her a lot of pain. So, in order to clean his wife’s wound, Adam put it in his mouth to clean it with his own saliva.

The couple obviously came prepared for such incidences, as he also whipped out a bottle of what looks like antiseptic.

After sucking the wound clean, Shulman added a dab of the ointment to the area before covering it with a plaster. The Love and Other Drugs star gave her hubby a peck on the cheek to thank him. How sweet.

The injury was clearly minor though, as the adventurous Anne had a go at boogie boarding that very same day.

Now if that’s not true love, we don’t know what is.